RMI-Airdyne builds industrial process glycol chillers that are distributed by FrigoMan inc. in Canada. These high quality, energy efficient chillers are specifically designed for your industrial process application and are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to meet your needs.

We offer air cooled chillers and chillers with refrigeration condensing units to rapidly cool the glycol  and your process fluids to ensure maximum production efficiency.


Industrial Applications

  • Machine Tools – Extend the life of your machine tools and improve  your cutting quality and machining with adequate cooling from one of our industrial chillers.
  • Plastics: Injection, Extrusion, and Blow molding – Proper chilling is critical for the quality and consistency of plastic manufacturing and processing.
  • Laser – Accurate laser cutting and welding requires tight temperature controls and removal of excess heat for an efficient process.
  • Water Jet – You need consistent water chilling to keep your water jet cutting equipment at efficient operating temperature.
  • Plating & Anodizing tank/rectifier cooling – Your process is designed to work in a very narrow temperature range, and over- heated conditions can damage your equipment and adversely affect the quality of your plating and anodizing.
  • Food Process Cooling – When making food for human consumption, keeping your food products free from bacteria or other contaminants  is the number-one priority. One of the best ways to prevent food from going bad is to control the temperature, as most bacteria cannot survive in extremely low temperatures