Refrigerated storage and custom Racking Systems

At Frigoman inc., we can provide you with customized solutions for all your refrigerated and frozen storage needs. From walk-in coolers and freezers to complete customized refrigerated material handling systems for the food, pharmaceutical, institutional industries, logistics – transport providers and air cargo services. We will design, supply and install the perfect system for the size, volume and physical space you have . In addition, with our storage and custom racking solutions partner; Meriton Industries, we can help you plan and organize your refrigerated and frozen storage for maximum handling and efficiency while reducing the overall footprint of the space required for your daily operations.

Our Latest Custom Solution – Air Inuit – Refrigerated and Frozen Air Cargo Pallet Push- Back System

In the spring of 2019 we started on a challenging project for which no current solution existed in the marketplace; a refrigerated and frozen aircraft pallet push-back racking system. Our client, Air Inuit, wanted to design and build their new air cargo facility for maximum operational efficiency while minimizing the space required by a large part of their daily cargo volume: refrigerated and frozen cargo. Working diligently with our storage and racking solutions partner; Meriton Industries, we started from our customer’s vision of using high-speed doors and a push-back system enclosed by insulated panels and refrigeration systems to design and build what we believe is one of the first operational refrigerated and frozen aircraft pallet push-back systems in operation today.

The system operates flawlessly thanks to the unparalleled engineering and design of the push-back aircraft pallet system by Meriton Industries, our top-mounted low and medium temperature refrigerated units from RMI-Airdyne and insulated high-speed roll-up doors.